High School Basketball

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High School Basketball Coverage on WTJN 2019/20

2019-20 Basketball Schedule
Tues Dec. 3rd Troy Vs. Greenville 7:30 Away
Fri. Dec. 6th Troy Christian Vs. Middletown Christian 7:30 Home
Fri. Dec. 13th Troy Vs. Fairborn 7:30 Away
Fri. Dec. 20th Troy Christian Vs. Legacy Christian 7pm Home
Fri. Jan. 3rd Troy Vs. Tipp 7:30 Home
Sat. Jan. 11th Troy Christian Vs. Miami East 7:30 Away
Tues. Jan. 14th Troy Vs. Greenville 7:30 Home
Tue. Jan. 21st Troy Christian Vs. Dayton Christian 7:00 Home
Sat. Jan. 25th Troy Christian Vs. Tri-Village 7:30 Away
Tues. Jan. 28th Troy Vs. Fairborn 7:30pm Home
Tues. Feb. 4th Troy Christian Vs. Jefferson 7:00 Home
Fri. Feb. 7th Troy Vs. Tipp 7:30 Away
Fri. Feb. 14th Troy Vs. Piqua 7:30 Home

Tournament games to follow. To be determined.